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Kaia Studios consolidates its successful career

The Dynasty Feud video game from Kaia Studios has won the PlayStation Talents 2016 Award in the Best Use category of PlayStation Platforms.

Madrid's Callao cinemas were the venue for the third edition of the PlayStation Awards, which annually recognize the «development of independent, original and quality Spanish video games». Kaia Studios' debut opera, which already won the prize for the best Basque videogame of 2016 in the AzPlay contest in Bilbao, has once again recognized the capacity and talent of its creators.

Kaia Studios participated in 2015 in the mentoring program promoted by Bilbao Ekintza in collaboration with the Association of Designers of Euskadi EIDE. In this innovative program, a designer with a long history in the business world helped to learn and guided, based on his experience, new entrepreneurs. ADN DESIGN collaborated with Eneko Egiluz on visualizing and improving Kaia Studios' business proposal, making it easier for the emerging company based in Bilbao to analyze situations from different points of view and make better-informed decision-making.

Dynasty Feud by Kaia Studios

As Carlos San José, director of the ADN DESIGN mentoring project commented, «our contribution has focused mainly on visualizing through mental maps the definition of the different areas associated with the development of the project». Through a very visual narrative, the team has analyzed aspects of the structure of the service offering, company management, communication, collaboration with suppliers and users and a series of parameters essential for the development of the Business Plan.

«In each of these aspects,» continued Carlos San José, «possible areas of improvement have been detected, such as the mapping of strategic relationships or the visualization of possible adverse scenarios and the actions necessary to be able to address them».

Dynasty Feud by Kaia Studios

Definitely, design and design thinking contribute innovative and robust visions in aspects related to the business model, the profile of the people that make up the target audience for the proposal or the offer of products and services. Through a structured process and with planned meetings, Kaia Sudios and ADN DESIGN have explored the enormous potential of design thinking directed to the videogames sector.

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