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Ecodesign Management System

Since the beginning of our long history, we have been aware of the environmental impact generated by our activity through the impacts associated with the life cycle of the products designed in collaboration with our customers.

UNE-EN ISO 14006

Aware of this responsibility, we have shown throughout the years a strong will to strengthen our environmental perspective, developing and integrating new tools and processes related to the design services that we offer. The use of Ecodesign methodologies adapted to each project has enabled us to optimize the environmental performance of the designed products throughout its lifecycle. In this context, the international standard ISO 14006: 2011 has given us the guidelines to establish, document, implement, maintain and continuously improve the management of Ecodesign as part of an environmental management system.

Today we are pleased to announce that AENOR, Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, has certified that ADN DESIGN has a management system in accordance with Ecodesign UNE-EN ISO 14006: 2011. Obtaining this certificate acknowledges and demonstrates our strong commitment to developing sustainable products that respect the environment. We work in the search, selection and application of new materials, solutions and production processes more environmentally friendly to the environment, to improve product performance and reduce their environmental impact.

This eco-innovative attitude is completed with continuous training of our team in Ecodesign and the transfer of good environmental practices to suppliers, customers, employees, and agents involved in the different phases of the lifecycle of the products we design.

The Ecodesign management system certification project has been supported by the Department of Environment and Territorial Planning of the Basque Government.

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