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ADN DESIGN at Deusto ForoTech 2015

Deusto ForoTech 2015
Forotech is a meeting forum about engineering and technology directed to university, business, students and the general public, aimed at conveying the passion for science and visualize the world towards which we move.

In the framework of the third edition of the Engineering Week Deusto ForoTech 2015, ADN DESIGN took part on Friday, March 6, at the round table on Design & Industry 4.0 organized by the Faculty of Engineering of Deusto University. Deusto University leads the teaching production ranking of Rankings ISSUE 2015 (Synthetic Indicators University System Spanish), a joint initiative of the BBVA Foundation and the Ivie, Valencian Institute of Economic Research.

Brigitte had the opportunity to share the round table with Eva Salcedo | Bilbao Ekintza, Ibon Miranda | Grupo Maier, Unai Extremo Baigorri | Virtual Ware, Xavier Verdaguer | Imagine Creativity Center y Benicio Aguerrea, coordinator of EIDE, Designers Association of the Basque Country, to discuss on the possible scenarios to be drawn for the Industrial Design in the Basque Country in 2020. The debate was moderated by Marcelo Leslabay | Professor of Industrial Design at Deusto University. The results of the surveys and polls carried out by the participants were presented in real time thanks to the smart identifier Meetabout selected to manage this event.

As a side note, ADN DESIGN has had the pleasure of working in the team set up by the technological startup Techabout to design and develop this new device, intended to replace the accreditation card currently used at fairs, conferences and other events. Meetabout technology, links together all the participants and lets you know what happens at the event in real time, creating a unique, manageable and measurable experience.

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